Brett Weldele is an Eisner-nominated comic book painter and New York Times Bestselling Author. He has been published by nearly every major comic book publisher in the US, and is available in several languages around the world. Probably best known for co-creating the hit comic book THE SURROGATES, which was adapted into the 2009 film starring Bruce Willis. Brett enjoys working on his own projects like SPONTANEOUS and THE LIGHT as well as commercial gigs like HALLOWEEN, SE7EN, 28 DAYS LATER and SOUTHLAND TALES.

His recent projects include working with Shrek producer Aron Warner on PARIAH for Dark Horse Comics and a yet unannounced sci-fi series due out in 2015.

Weldele also has a craft product line, THE ART OF BRETT WELDELE through Stampers Anonymous which includes rubber stamps and stencils.