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Ableton Looper vs my Ableton Super Looper

So, Ableton has put a much requested Looper device into the upcoming Live 8. You may recall a blog post I made awhile back in which I talk about a workaround to not having a Looper device. If not, you can read it here.


That was way back in Live 5. Wow! Time does fly.

It's actually a pretty nifty little device as pretty much all things Ableton are... with one small oversight. It doesn't allow exporting of the separate layers i.e. overdubs of the loop. It smooshes it down into a single clip ala tape style. Even Guitar Rig's Loop Machine allows exporting of the individual layers. If I like to fiddle around with the pieces later, I can't with Looper...So in that respect alone, it doesn't make my looper workaround completely obsolete. Plus with new Group functions you could collapse the Super Looper into one single track. Instead of clips, you could put a single looper device in each track.

In terms of live performance separate layers don't really make a difference, but in terms of production they might.


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Reader Comments (3)

Yes, your method is the best as a song/riff freestyle creation tool. And it lets the sound loops be kept seperate for the master mix. Much like the MOBIUS looper.

December 7, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterBeirne

Well, it does make a difference live if you want to mess with effects in each individual track. thx!

December 15, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterJoão Bárcia

I found this very useful & have been using your idea for a couple of years with a footswitch made from a usb computer keyboard, with all but 6 buttons ripped off of it.

I found the only limitations being too many audio tracks is taxing on the processor & not being able to set the length loop.
But for midi tracks you can, by putting blank clips in. So that's brilliant, I have 2 midi tracks feed into each instrument channel so I can have one track for loops & one straight (otherwise the loop blocks out overdubs if you are recording). Extra midi tracks are not a problem as they all feed into the one vst instrument.
This also gives you the advantage of being able to score the midi tracks separately & edit easier.

I have one foot-switch mapped to scene launch so every track starts on the same bar & one switch mapped to overdub so I can stop adding to the loop. The start button also stops all the midi loops. Then the down arrow key foot-switch selects the next scene.

I do the same with looper, different buttons.
The problem with looper is it doesn't play back how it went down if you make ANY changes at all. So I feed the audio track with looper into another track (muted) just to get an exact copy of how it was. I don't think having loops on separate tracks is that important. Looper has an undo button that I map as well to a foot-switch so that takes care of mistakes.

I also map a midi expression pedal to a whah effect & a number of others.
Thank you for the inspiration. I also found the usb keyboard instructions on the web at the same time while searching for looping pedals & wondering why there weren't any good looping vst plugins.

June 10, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterPatrick

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