Rose City and NYCC commission slots open!

Two big shows are coming up and I'm ready to have a blast at both. First up is Rose City Comic Con in Portland and then New York Comic Con in October. That means i'll be doing full color, painted commissions, of course. :) Use the "commission info" page to see my rates and the "contact me" page to set up the piece. All pre-orders will be available to pick up at the start of the show. Thanks.


No SDCC sale!

For the second year in a row, I sadly won't be at the sprawling San Diego Comic Con. That doesn't mean San Diego can't come to you though. For one week only, I'm offering 9x12 Distress Ink headshots for only $40 shipped in the U.S! International add $15.

Use the CONTACT ME page to set up your commisssion. I accept Paypal only.


Distress Ink Painting- Steampunk

So, I was going through some SD cards recently and found that I had filmed myself painting something I'd forgotten about. It's a 10"x15" Steampunk Distress Ink painting! You may recognize the piece from a recent blog entry over at You can read more about that here.

In the meantime, I talk a little bit about the creation of this piece in the video.


Distress Paint demo

Hey, it's been awhile since i've uploaded a video. Oh, how time flies! Anyways, here's the first (of many)!

You know you can use various Distress Inks with each other, and Distress Paints with other Distress Paints, but did you know they work really well as a team? Acrylic and Dye Ink make some interesting things together. This and more in this first Distress Paint video...enjoy.


Heroes Con commissions now open!

Whew! Just got back from having an amazing show at Chicago's C2E2. Just as i'm catching my breath from that, it's time to open up pre-orders for Heroes Con in Charlotte. If you've ever thought about getting one of my Distress Ink paintings, now's a great time before rates will have to go up. See the commission page for details on how to set one up. See you in just over a month. :)


Tutorial: Intro to Complementary Color

Today, we're going to take what we learned in the Monochromatic tutorial and turn it up a notch. Enter Complementary colors.

What's a Complement? Simply, two colors that face each other on the color wheel. Blue/Orange, Red/Green, Purple/Yellow etc. We'll get into more depth in later tutorials, but just know that they are color opposites!

So how does this apply to coloring? One very powerful coloring technique I use a lot is using complements against each other to achieve easy contrast. I'll show you what I mean in this example.

Click to read more ...


C2E2 pre-order up!

This show is coming fast! If you'll be at Chicago and would like one of my Distress Ink paintings, now's the time. Every pre-order will be done in advance, so you can pick it up right away. I love doing these! It's such fun to figure out my take on your favorite characters.

Please note: I'm not sure how many commissions I'll take at the show, but I won't be doing the larger sizes on if you want something bigger than a 10"x15", Pre-order! :)

You can find a price list on the COMMISSION INFO page.

Use the CONTACT ME page to set it up.

Side Note: I'll also be at Texas Frightmare in Dallas the next weekend. I won't be set up anywhere, but I can bring pre-orders with me and meet up on site.



Emerald City Comic Con

Tomorrow morning I hit the road and drive up to Seattle for The Emerald City Comic Con! Whooo. I haven't been to this show in 3 years (crazy!) but I had a great time at it. Looking forward to this one where I'll be set up at table P-12 along with Spontaneous co-creator Joe Harris.

I'll have originals, books and prints. Speaking of prints, I'll have over 20 different images to choose from. All 11x17 and the printer knocked it out of the park. They're beautiful! :)

See you there! next stop C2E2 in Chicago.


Tutorial: Monochromatic Coloring

Hi everybody.

Some of these upcoming tutorials will serve a double purpose. I'm going to start delving into some super basic color tricks and techniques. At the same time, these techniques are being applied to coloring rubber stamps specifically, but can also be applied to anything drawn.

One of the things that i struggled the most with when I first started painting was trying to get colors to work together. There's an easy solution to that.

Create a monochromatic underpainting.

Here's what we'll need...

Click to read more ...


PDX and ECCC Convention pre-orders open!

I'm opening just a few advance commission slots for Wizard World Portland and Emerald City Comic Con. If you're attending either show, I'd highly recommend getting on this as i'm unsure how many slots i'll have at the shows themselves. If you've ever thought about picking up one of my paintings, now's the time.

You can find a price list on the COMMISSION INFO page.

Use the CONTACT ME page to set it up.

I look forward to meeting you all. :)