Emerald City Comic Con

Tomorrow morning I hit the road and drive up to Seattle for The Emerald City Comic Con! Whooo. I haven't been to this show in 3 years (crazy!) but I had a great time at it. Looking forward to this one where I'll be set up at table P-12 along with Spontaneous co-creator Joe Harris.

I'll have originals, books and prints. Speaking of prints, I'll have over 20 different images to choose from. All 11x17 and the printer knocked it out of the park. They're beautiful! :)

See you there! next stop C2E2 in Chicago.


Tutorial: Monochromatic Coloring

Hi everybody.

Some of these upcoming tutorials will serve a double purpose. I'm going to start delving into some super basic color tricks and techniques. At the same time, these techniques are being applied to coloring rubber stamps specifically, but can also be applied to anything drawn.

One of the things that i struggled the most with when I first started painting was trying to get colors to work together. There's an easy solution to that.

Create a monochromatic underpainting.

Here's what we'll need...

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PDX and ECCC Convention pre-orders open!

I'm opening just a few advance commission slots for Wizard World Portland and Emerald City Comic Con. If you're attending either show, I'd highly recommend getting on this as i'm unsure how many slots i'll have at the shows themselves. If you've ever thought about picking up one of my paintings, now's the time.

You can find a price list on the COMMISSION INFO page.

Use the CONTACT ME page to set it up.

I look forward to meeting you all. :)


The Time Travelers stamp set

This is pretty exciting! Normally, I send my art off and it gets sent back in some book-like format. Recently, I collaborated with craft wizard Tim Holtz on a set of stamps. It's my first interactive product. Coming March 1st!

In upcoming tutorials, I'll wheel out some simple color theory and ideas on how to color them. :)


My Restrictive Color Palette 

I drew this guy in a little 5" x 8" Moleskin back in October while warming up for a day at New York Comic Con.

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Steampunk Tag Tutorial

Hi everybody. Let's have some fun making this tag. :) 

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Big Things Coming in 2013....

stay tuned! :)


Black Monday Sale

Its time for a sale, so from now until Tuesday the 26th enjoy some low rates on commissions. Check the Gallery page for past commissions. New to this sale is the Painted Tag. What it is is a painted #8 manilla tag. This is a perfect gift idea at $20 shipped. You can hang it on a tree, use it on a special gift, or hey, use it as a gift itself. You choose what character you'd like, I'll paint it, add some metal charms and stamping and put a string on it. Here are 3 examples....


Also on sale are my everyday Distress Ink commissions...

head shot 9x12 $40

figure 9x12 $70

figure 11x17 $150

prices include shipping. If you're international, add $10.

Use the Contact Me page to set it up. Thanks!--Brett


New York Comic Con commission preorders are live…

I will have a table in Artist's Alley this year…AA17.


The show is coming soon and as I get ready for it, I've opened up the commission list for it. Please see my Commission Info page for rates. Examples of my Distress Ink paintings are in my Gallery page. All preorders will be ready for pickup at the beginning of the show. I will have limited slots at the show so i recommend preordering. Also, since I can work on your piece in the comfort of my home, you'll probably end up with the best possible results.


I'm also taking preorders for sketchbook slots. $50 will get you a color piece in your sketchbook. Obviously, I can't do these in advance, but preordering will get you to the "front of the line." What this means is your piece will take precedence over walk by traffic and you can usually get your sketchbook back in an hour.


Use the Contact Me page to set up your commission today. I accept Paypal.




Website revamp

As you might have noticed, my website got a bit of a polish. New features coming.