how time flies....

I look at my site and the last blog entry was from a year ago. How sad. I fully realize that Facebook pretty much took over the functionality of my posting, but still.

A few updates if you're out of the loop. I have a new book at Oni Press called SPONTANEOUS. The first issue came out for Free Comic Book Day and the rest of the series will start to be released in July.

Also, I have another book coming out for Sea Lion Books called PARIAH. The release date is in July for Comic Con. I will be at Comic Con as usual. 


San Diego Comic Con

I'll be there. You can generally find me at the Top Shelf booth throughout the weekend.

As far as commissions go, get your requests in now, so they can be available for Preview Night. For the first time full painted color. So you know, I'm only doing black and white/monochromatic at the show.

 Color Image 9"x12" on Bristol---$60

Black/White 9"x 12" on Bristol---$40

Color headshot 6"x6" on Bristol---$30

Black/White 6"x6" on Bristol-----$20


If interested, message me and i'll send you my Paypal info. Examples below of convention art.


New Etsy pieces!

Punisher, Conan, etc. check them out.


Emerald City Comic Con

I'll be at the show this weekend, so stop by booth #306(?).

I'll have some books on hand and will be doing wash sketches.



new originals...

are up in my Etsy store. The link in the toolbar will take you there. I'm mostly putting various fun sketches of things you'd rarely see me do in my "day job." Lots of classic horror and mainstream comics stuff on hand.


a couple new covers




I started an Etsy store to sell original watercolor sketches and pages from various books.

the storefront is here.


Jeopardy and me

Life can be really weird. Case in point...

A few weeks ago, a rep from Jeopardy emailed me asking how to pronounce my name. I always appreciate this, but I'm not offended when its interpreted. A clue about me is worth $1200. Not bad.

Next thing I know, Trebek is saying my name with precision. Awesome. Way to go contestant James for nailing the question.


new illos

I did a couple new things for the Georgia Tech Alumni Magazine. Fun stuff.


Surrogates now on Blu-Ray and dvd

and you'll find me on the Blu-Ray talking about whatever.

There's a preview of the Breaking the Frame special feature here.

I love what they did with the animation. Totally unexpected.