Surrogates now on Blu-Ray and dvd

and you'll find me on the Blu-Ray talking about whatever.

There's a preview of the Breaking the Frame special feature here.

I love what they did with the animation. Totally unexpected.


Don't look at THE LIGHT!

okay, you can look.

A new series coming out from Image Comics in April. A 5 page preview can be found here...

If you're at the Emerald City Comic Con, I might have copies there.



a new series...


DO Androids covers...

a lot of fun these are.



yes, its true...I've largely been ignoring the blog, letting it get a fine sheet of dust on it. Why? Just not that much to report. 2009 was a slow year professionally. I finished Flesh and Bone at the beginning of January and proceeded to not get much work for the entire year. I did a handful of covers for the great guys over at Boom! Studios over the year and that's about it. I'll post those covers for Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and Codebreakers asap. 

I have an Image Comics experiment ready to come out in April called The Light. It'll be in Previews very very soon.


Ableton Looper : rack effect expansion

here's two youtube videos I made presenting my thoughts on how to get around some built in limitations of Ableton's new device Looper. Also included are things you can't do with Looper on its own, but can with multiple Loopers.



Covers and Pinups

I have no idea when some of this stuff is going to run, but I wanted to update what i've been working on. A few of these are 28 Days Later covers, one is a cover to a novel, and one is a pinup to the Image book Olympus.


ParamDrum fun

watch it in HQ on Youtube

This is a screen capture of Peter Dines Reaktor ensemble ParamDrum. I replaced the samples with my own kitchen/dobro sample map and hooked it into Kore to control various parameters. Fun, weird loops are a cinch.


Surrogates: Flesh and Bone preview

Watch it in HQ on Youtube.

I made a little Youtube preview of the new Surrogates book. I'm a fan of extreme closeups of things. All the shots are blown up panels. It was edited in Imovie so its a bit limited in what i could do, but despite that I think it turned out well. I've been learning Flash a little bit and might make some more videos. They're kinda fun. 

The music is also me. If you're into that kind of thing I used Reaktor, Ohmicide, Audio Damage plug-ins and Kore all within Ableton 8.