28 Days Later

So, in the new Previews you might notice the new "28 Days Later" comic from Boom Studios. Along with awesome covers by Bradstreet and Phillips, there's a "C" cover by me. Pretty good company I'd say.

I've also done covers for issues 2 and 3. That's as far as I've gotten so far. it's been a kick as this is the first zombie related book i'll actually have published. I've been a longtime fan of the genre.


Surrogates: Flesh and Bone preview

The fine folks over at MTV Splashpage have put up the first 11 pages of the new book. Take a peek here.

The book will be available in July.



In case you're headed to SF for Wondercon, I'll very likely be there on Saturday the 28th. I won't be anywhere in particular, just roaming as I usually do. If you see me, be sure to say "hi."


Surrogates first look

It's a bit of old news but...

just in case you haven't seen it yet, here's the first released still of Willis as Agent Greer.


Ableton Looper vs my Ableton Super Looper

So, Ableton has put a much requested Looper device into the upcoming Live 8. You may recall a blog post I made awhile back in which I talk about a workaround to not having a Looper device. If not, you can read it here.


That was way back in Live 5. Wow! Time does fly.

It's actually a pretty nifty little device as pretty much all things Ableton are... with one small oversight. It doesn't allow exporting of the separate layers i.e. overdubs of the loop. It smooshes it down into a single clip ala tape style. Even Guitar Rig's Loop Machine allows exporting of the individual layers. If I like to fiddle around with the pieces later, I can't with Looper...So in that respect alone, it doesn't make my looper workaround completely obsolete. Plus with new Group functions you could collapse the Super Looper into one single track. Instead of clips, you could put a single looper device in each track.

In terms of live performance separate layers don't really make a difference, but in terms of production they might.



Paint demo

Here's a quick concept I did one night, not too long ago in Photoshop. I'm just playing around with brushes and some of the techniques I've picked up from the Gnomon and Massive Black videos.


viral marketing

The Viral Marketing for Surrogates has begun. If you were at New York Comic Con over the weekend, you might have seen the banner at the left, or been given a business card for VSI, or seen a one minute trailer etc.

Go to chooseyoursurrogate.com and join the fun.

It's all very exciting.

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Green Lantern


Welcome to the new blog. I'm discontinuing my Blogspot account and just posting here from here on in. It'll still be up for archival purposes though.

So, San Diego Comic Con posted the themes for this years souvenir book. I haven't participated in a couple years and this year's will be in color so I thought "why not?" 

Why Green Lantern though? I've been reading the DC Showcase's lately and really enjoying them. Also, I've been told that some couldn't see me doing superhero work.

Maybe I should do a few more interpretations of mainstream characters. We'll see.


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