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Tutorial: Intro to Complementary Color

Today, we're going to take what we learned in the Monochromatic tutorial and turn it up a notch. Enter Complementary colors.

What's a Complement? Simply, two colors that face each other on the color wheel. Blue/Orange, Red/Green, Purple/Yellow etc. We'll get into more depth in later tutorials, but just know that they are color opposites!

So how does this apply to coloring? One very powerful coloring technique I use a lot is using complements against each other to achieve easy contrast. I'll show you what I mean in this example.

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My Restrictive Color Palette 

I drew this guy in a little 5" x 8" Moleskin back in October while warming up for a day at New York Comic Con.

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Steampunk Tag Tutorial

Hi everybody. Let's have some fun making this tag. :) 

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